OpticalMath is the next generation camera calculator. It uses computer vision and a neural network to scan math notations out of your notebook or paper work and provide numerous result cards, step-by-step solutions, graphs and even related videos enhancing your learning process.


Insight is an app builder which allows anyone, even children to make their own apps easily. It has built-in drag and drop user interface designer, editor which uses blocks instead of an actual code and offers a live testing feature for simplifying testing process. Based on App Inventor.


VOLTS is a responsive, front-end mobile first CSS and JavaScript framework. It is flexible, easy-to-use and has support for CSS preprocessor Sass. As well, it has tons of components, utilities and additional libraries, making it a feature-rich and powerful framework.

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Are you interested into reading some of our development advices, concept considerations and pattern guides that we use at Moliata Studio? Make sure to check out our blog then, below.

Step by step solutions

Parsing, compilation and evaluation of math expressions using nodes for providing step by step solutions.

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Bridge of LaTeX and SymPy

Key considerations and issues of bridge and conversion between LaTeX to an equivalent form of SymPy.

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Neural networks in Python

Concept behind the complexity of neural networks from a different aspect within 10 lines of code.

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Care about offline users

How Moliata Studio's projects are dealing with one of the biggest problems in rural countries. Internet connectivity.

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